Sunday, 17 May 2009

TopShop Shopping...!

Being a new hijabi, Ive quickly got bored with all my old clothes as I basically cant wear them how I used to anymore... Cue mornings of openeing my wardrobe and gawping in an uber confused state thinking "What the hell'm I gonna wear today?!"

Ask my sister! Its become a running joke to ask "What you wearing today?" Knowing that neither of us have a fricking clueeeee!!!

Man - its soooo hard when alli really wann do is oull on a pair of denims along with my kicks and a cardigan... Your probs thinking whats wrong with that?! Well wehn you work with uber glam fashionistas, kicks and tees just dont cut it! Drab hijab just wont dooo!

which is whyyyy- im super excited about these little goregous visions of lovliness below! If they havnt already - theyll soon be winging their way into my ready-to-burst-at-the-seams wardrobe!

Whoooop - cant wait!

Im especially loving the black jacket at the top, I dont think you can see very well in the pic, but its a black lace jacket which is perfect for chucking over sleevless dresses that havnt seen the light of day since last year...

The scarf in the bottom left is actually one designed by matthew willaimson for HnM - its goooooregous! Ive never really been into patterned Hijabs and tend to go for plain but this was gorge and worn on a canvas of black and electric blue shoes (sorry dont have a pic for those!) i think is gonna look amazing...

Harem pants on the bottom are jersey and uber comfy, maybe with shoeboots or my Adidas hightop trainers...? Though im wondering what to wear on top!! But im sure ill find a way no doubt... please suggest if you have any ideas...!

And finally, the belt in the middle also deserves a mention as it perfect for cinching in shift dresses from all those season ago that also sit dormant..! Teamed with a long lightweight cardi - inshallah, ill be good to go...!

Never before have I looked forward to going to work..!
Much love ladies...



  1. yaaaaay... i do love ...

  2. yep I remember those days of what am I gonna wear today...I still have those days sometimes. I have to admit though, its kinda exciting creating the new hijabi wardrobe, so I totally feel your excitement here :-D

  3. check out the Muslim version of the Sartorialist its , I mention it coz I see you have The Satorialist in your blog list :), it has regular everyday Muslimahs from all over, not all the outfits are proper hijab, but you can get some ideas there InshaAllah, have fun :)

  4. Jazaks Sweetie,

    So ill still have those days in years to cme hey?! Joy (!)

    Looove hijabshigh... me and my sister were thinkign of doing soemthing like that for a while but wondered how muslimahs would react to being papped on the middle of the street!