Saturday, 20 June 2009

Feeling Guilty...


I don't know what's going on recently but I keep missing my Fajr Salah.

I don't think I've ever missed as much Fajr salah in my whole time of praying. I think over these past couple of weeks or so, I've probably missed the Dawn prayer like 7 times... Maybe more...?

I feel so bad. Its not like I've lost my motivation or anything but sleep overcomes me. Whilst more asleep than awake, the alarm is turned off without me even realising.


See, timings are changing which means Fajr begins around 3:15am with the sunrising at about 4:45am. I begin my day at 7am and Isha is also quite late, ummm at about 11pm I think. As a result; by the time I've prayed Isha and made dua, its like 11:30/11:45pm (I pray a long salah!) which all means I'm just sooo knackered and thave to be up again in a few hours..

Words of help please my brothers and sisters??!!

I wake up and realise that I've missed Fajr and feel soooo guilty. Of course it's not intentional but I feel so bad. Admittedly, I may well be in a slight state of slumber when I pray my Fajr Salah but I love that time of the day and love Fajr salah... My Fajr salah...

Anyways, I've been meaning to post about a Course on Salah I went to last year which was outstanding and as promised, changed the way I would pray forever...

Ive been really lazy but coupled with the fact that all of a sudden I seem to be uber busy, just haven't had time... Inshallah I will try my best to post about these very, very, very; soon! There's some lovely points I want to share with you all as when I heard them, they just blew me away.

Anyways - I pray you are all well my beautiful readers, I pray you are in the best of Health and Imaan inshallah, I pray that Allah Subhanahu wa taala showers you with many, many blessings everyday and shows you mercy and compassion.

Stay well


  1. Salam Jannah, hey did you read that post that muslim kid did about guilt...its quite good actually!not sure what his url is but go through my page on followers.anyway it is good to have that guilt, i use to feel that befor emy heart turned into stone.... it is so beautiful how you talk of salah with such passion, i do envy you jannah!

    you are right when Fajr is read on time it is such a good feeling, i always feel that my day runs more smoothly when i have done so in the past.

    take care hun

  2. Walakim asalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhy dear sis!

    Ive just mailed you

    Inshallah I will defs have a read of Muslim kids blog...

    And yes, its sooo true. I always find my day when beginning with Fajr is always a better one. You are under the protection of Allah as He is the first one we remember upon waking.

    Its 11pm so im going to bed so that i can inshallah wake for fajr tomorrow morning...

    Stay smiling Queenie

  3. salam sister

    i have a few tips that might help :)
    try to get more than one alarm so the extra noise wakes you up. and place on across the room so you have to get up, once your up it should be easier.

    hope it helps

  4. Assalamualaikum sis

    I know how u feel sis. I am the kind of person who wakes up to the alarm right away, but i dont know what happened last week that i missed 3 or 4 fajr salaahs:( b/c i turned off my alarm..and didnt wake up:S i was really confused.And the sad thing is that i am the one who wakes everyone else in the house for fajr, therefore b/c of me, they missed their fajr also:( Anyhow since i set the alarm clock in my parents room, we've been waking up for fajr alhumdulillah. And inshallah i'll pray that Allah(swt) help you in waking up.
    Here are some tips i found on which inshallah will be helpful:

    As for performing Fajr on time, try to sleep early so that you don't wake up tired and fall back to sleep. If you have work that you have to do late at night, try to do it in the morning after your Fajr Prayer. Your mind will be much clearer. Also, ask someone in your house to wake you up to pray with you. If you live by yourself, one of the very effective ways is to agree with a friend of yours to wake each others over the phone to pray Fajr on time. You will be helping each other in an important act of worship. Also, put the alarm far from your bed, because the most difficult thing is to actually get up out of the bed. Therefore, by getting up to turn it off, you can simply go to the bathroom, wash, and pray.

    Sorry for the long comment :$

  5. Asalaamu alaikum Missy
    Jazakaallhu kahir for stopping by sweetie and for sharing your words of advice...

    You know what Sis, I keep my phone on my dresser now and since ive been doing that havnt missed my Salah..

    My lovely Mum has a very shrill alarm clock which she sleeps striaght through - bless!

    Jazaks once again sweetie!
    Much love

  6. Walaikum asalaam Sis LH,

    Me toooo! When my alarm used to go off i used to shoot straight up and out of bed – these day like, you not sure what going on!

    Allhumdulillah tho since posting, i havnt missed fajr so its cool.

    Yeah, sleeping late definitely doesn’t help and those occasions i have slept late have confirmed this as those are the morning i miss fajr! = (

    Sis, do you stay up after fajr? Id love to be able to stay awake and do something lie study some surahs or recite the Quran as i know this is a productive time of the day but all i want to do is go back to bed for a bit before having to go to work..

    Me and my mum are the two who depend on each to wake up! Its just these long h=summer hours! Khair, I will make dua and sleep with the hope and intention of waking up when my alarm goes off!

    Jazakumallhu khhir for your post my love.. I will keep you and all you other beautiful sisters in my duas

    Much love to you!