Saturday, 27 June 2009

A new sister in Islam

Oh my gosh! I feel kinda... Moved...

I was recently introduced to a new sister and have to say how sweet she is mash'allah! Bless her, I really like her. A lot and am glad I was introduced to her!

I don't know. I have this sense of... *thinks* ...Umm... *thinks more*... I don't know what - admiration maybe? - towards her.

She's reaaaally sweet and- well, I've heard good things about her and her progress in coming to Islam. Mash'Allah!

Even though haven't been 'there' with her along the way of her journey, In a weird way, I kinda feel like I have.

I was so happy to hear that she was interested in Islam and may soon revert. I was soooo pleased to hear she when she had said her Shahadah – Mash’allah, and I was soooo excited when I found out she had been wearing hijab...

Mashallah – I don’t know.. its amazing. I have this insane love for reverts and the way they embrace Islam is beautiful, not to say that for a born Muslim its not cos everyone feels it. Everyone feels the love in the heart when they embrace the deen, but the revert brothers and sister... its something different.

I really don’t think of myself as an inspiring person so for her to tell me that my messages have done that for her is so lovely. In the same way that I was inspired by conversations with people, books read, lectures listened to – I guess I feel that I want to be able to do that for someone as well.. If i can say anything to someone so that they can see the beauty of Islam, I just think ‘Allhumdulillah!’ Allah has given me the ability to say something that’s insh’allah going to being someone closer to Him? That might seem like a small thing to you but the bigger picture to me, isn’t...


I often worry about reverts to Islam as I wonder just how much support they actually get... I know some revert sisters haven’t had the most friendliest or welcoming experiences, and that just make me feel bad man... I mean, we as Muslims already, what kind of image are we giving off about our beautiful deen...?

It annoys me! Especially when I think of occasions at my own Masjid... I don't know... I'm just happy to have met her... and insh'allah will do all I can for her, however much or however little help it may be.

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  1. It is true that there is a lack of support for those wanting to learn about Islam, especially women. There are a lot of books and materials out there, but a real living community (ummah) I think is the #1 thing that attracts most people to Islam.

  2. Salam Alaikkum
    What a sweet post. I'll just share a bit of my story. I reverted 5 years ago. When I took my shahadda at the masjid in front of all of the jumuah congregation, I literally cried like a baby. The sister all came up and hugged me and were basically really nice. There were two that really went out of their way and took my number and kept in touch. After that though, whenever I'd go to the masjid, hardly anyone would ever talk to me or even acknowledge me. The cultural segregation was very plain. Everyone just stayed in their little groups and rarely talked to others outside it. It was extremely stressful to go and I always felt so out of place and awkward. I met up with another sister that reverted around the same time as me, and we stuck together, with a few other sisters, I began to feel more comfortable in the masjid. I don't know if it's me being more comfortable now or if the tone and attitude of our masjid has changed, but it's now a more peaceful place overall and the sisters seem to be treating each other better. Anyway, I myself am always looking for a new face and go out of my way to be kind and welcoming to new people in our community. Good for you for looking out for that sister. May Allah reward you in this life and the next, amin.