Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mischa got her (Fashion!) groove back

OHMYGOSH! - I've been inspired!
It looks like after months of dressing like this...

(Ewww - is that a slight hint of a camels toe we see? I think sooo! Astagfirullah! She obviously didnt look in the mirror before leaving her house that day...)

(Leggings teamed with a butt skimming top and butch manly boots? NEVER a good look lady...)

Mischa finally got her groove back! And boy has she got it back gooooood?!!
She looks amazing and her dresses below are stunning - I WANT!!! Anyone know who they're by?!
I'm especially loving the shape of the below dress, so much so, that I'm thinking I might see if I can get my tailor to make me up something like this... (Its a bit snug but we can get Mr tailor to loosen it out some, right ladies - Whaddya think?!

And this black one toooo! (Below!)
I have one quite similar to it in jersey though its very simple I feel it looks really plain when I'll wear it... The one Mishchas wearing is lovely with the gorgeous gold detail on the neck though I think if iI was to customise my dress, my hijab would cover it all up anyways... Hmmm... Its still inspired me enough to wear it already (its been sitting in my closet for months!)

I have a shopping urge coming on girlies!
Hope your all well insh'Allah sisters,
Stay blessed until next time...


  1. yah im so in love with the gold one

  2. In bed last night, I thought to myself that im gonna make one!

    So up I got and got out the scissors!

    Its the shape of the black one but beautiful material like the gold one..!

    Cant wait til its finished!

  3. i love the gold dress! where has your other post gone missy?

  4. I thought id re-evaluate!

    itl be back soon insh'Allah