Thursday, 23 April 2009

Quick thought...

On route to plush Lebanese restaurant Noura, I can't help but notice all the flesh I see... Tanned thighs...full bust...toned shoulders

Astagfirullah... Honestly, I'm speechless... I can't help but think about the reasons why these women feel to dress like this...!!!

The social dilemmas that surround us... What a world we live in...

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  1. yeah and its even sadder that so many are so called muslims!!

  2. It was a real surreal moment as I sat and types out that post... I saw a girl, she was stunning and gas these denim shorts on... Ok what evs I

    I then noticed another woman with a super low neck top jiggling about when she walked and I just thought why are these women dressed like this?!

    These women are openly inviting men to look at them and perv on them-astagfirullah fir a cheap thrill.

    Why would you want that? I can only think it's an insecurity thing and wanting the attention almost to make them feel good about themselves... Sadly it's much deeper rooted issues which need to be addressed...

    What do u think sis?
    Hope all us well with you insh'allah?

  3. i think you maybe right, they probably have a low self esteem, or its all that they know.i know we shouldnt judge but sometimes it does make you wonder. whats is worse i know a lot of muslim girls that chose to dress so scantly and it makes me feel disgusted, but each t otheir own may Allah bring them to the right path. I am bearing with life, wish o could enjoy it,hey this was supposed to be about you not me! salam!

  4. As salaamu alaikum sister I would tooootaly agree with you why do woman feel the need to dress in such a way ? its disgusting I think many of these woman have really low self esteem along with very little or no morals . Lets thank Allah (SWT) in abundance that you and I have found Islam and all that it gives ,Allah hu Alam, Ahamdulliah ! sister I've just come across your blog , it's really nice mash Allah. I am a new blogger and from the encouragement from reading other sisters blogs it has inspiried to start one of my own I invitie you to visit me at . Insha Allah .
    As salaamu alaikum.

  5. Walaikum asalaam wa rahmaullahi wa barakatuhu ladies...

    I knooow – the dress (or lack of) is sooo vulgar – I never know where to look! Astagfirullah – imagine how the believing man must feel come summer time….

    I understand how these women feel though – they have low self esteem so they feel the need to dress in a particular way to attention from both men and women to feel good about themselves … like they are in search of some sort f approval from these people or something…

    These women need to look deeper though, cos all that hair, clothes, makeup – it aint solving their problem – its just masking over it… they cant truly feel any contentment like we muslimahs do..

    Guess the media doesn’t help much either…

    Wooowooo – the beauty of hijab!
    *Hi-five ladies*

  6. Asalaamu `alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato!!

    Sis, please check out our latest post on "A Girl's Guide to Being Muslim" -- it addresses this very issue!

    Great minds think alike ;-)

    Here is the link: