Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sooooo, What was the delay?

Asalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu beautiful readers...

Ok so I was cleaning out my beloved iPhone of all the ‘’iStuff’’ I’ve managed to store on it over the past months and come across a little something I thought I'd share...

It’s often used for me to tap into my emotions when I’m trying to work out exactly what it is I’m feeling... it holds words truly spoken from deep inside that no one, and I mean no one (not even me sometimes) but Allah Subhanahu wa tala knows...

Anyways – I came across the below. It’s a note that I'd saved when I was on the verge of finally donning the Hijab. I found myself wanting to do it and ready to do it, but subconsciously delaying it and didn’t know why... I had all these reasons that I thought were the cause for the delay but figured there was something more to it as when I questioned those reasons... they just weren’t valid...

Here are my thoughts from 59 days ago...

“Why don't I wear Hijab??

I don't know. I think for a number of reasons which I will now try to work out...

But before doing so I want to express my how much I actually want to begin wearing the Hijab... So why exactly DO I want to observe Hijab?

First and foremost I think... as it’s a commandment of my Lord. Plain and simple I guess... He's the one who created the heavens and the earth, the universe. I'm Allah's Creation - He’s the one I belong to. The Almighty creator, my owner... so I should do what my creator wants of me. Like you obey your parents cos temporarily they are over you, surely I should obey the one who made me? If something belongs to you, you want to do with it what you wish. You want it to work to please you and service you as you want it to...

In observing hijab, I want to show my faith. I'm a Muslim and I'm proud of that. I want people to know I'm a Muslim and I believe in my Allah. I love my religion and when you love something you want to show it off for all to see...

I want to observe veil to safeguard me from unwanted situations and comments. I don't want to be leered at. I don't want to have to deal with awkward comments from unwanteds... Sometimes I can't go into certain stores such as Footlocker or the menswear departments cos these places are full if pervy male sales assistants.. Walking through makes me feel so uncomfortable cos I feel they're all watching and perving -even on a rough day!... Astagfirullah.


Will I feel the need to conform and dress with the right shoes? The right handbag? The accessories? Possibly – just to show my love for fashion and clothes and that I love the latest looks...

So why DONT I wear Hijab yet?

Maybe I'm not ready to let go, not ready to let go of what I know maybe? It will mean changing everything physically visual about me. Mainly - my clothes.

Clothes are a part of me and in a sense changing that will be changing my personality. Changing the way I dress... Clothes make me feel good. If I'm dressed in the way that I like, that I’m happy with and comfortable with - I feel confident and I feel happy. If I'm not 100% happy, I feel rubbish... The other girls always look amazing, I’ll feel soooo crap in comparison..

Maybe thinking about clothes making me feel confident is not the right way. How will dressing in Hijab make me feel confident? What confidence will Hijab give me?? What will I get from wearing Hijab - increased imaan inshallah...?

Am I ready for the questions people will ask? Yes. I can give them the answers above as to why I observe veil. Though- they won't really understand...

How will I handle the reactions? I don’t like the attention being on me and can’t be bothered with having people make exclamations of my decision and asking me questions why I’ve done it... is it bad that I can’t be bothered to explain...? its dawah... maybe it may be cos I don’t feel I have enough knowledge to do it justice?? Yeah I can explain why I’m doing but will I be able to make them see the real beauty of wearing Hijab...

Am I avoiding the confrontation and all the limelight being on me...? That would be the worst thing - all eyes on me... I dont want to have to explain to people feel like I'm put on the spot..

I was born a Muslim, I believe in Allah and the Quran. My book tells me to cover as a commandment from my lord. Will people thin think I’m a ‘Bible Basher’? Will they think I’m a dork for being into religion?

It’s a commandment from my Lord - People will accept that. But I don't want them to change towards me... I don't want them to think I'm being forced to do it, or oppressed or anything else like that maybe, the way I dress will reflect that...?

But then why should I care what anyone else thinks??

Why do I care? I shouldn't cos whatever they think I will continue love my religion and that's all matters... The only one that I need to be worried about answering to? The Almighty Allah...”

Subhanallah! – all those thoughts and feelings I’d been feeling were so overwhelming!

Allhumdulillah – I finally put on the Hijab on Monday March 2nd 2009... And after all that, the first day at work? It really wasn’t all that bad – in fact it was one the MOST memorable...

Amazing in fact...

But that’s another post soon to be Insh’Allah...
= )

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  1. Well done Asma, I was so proud of you that morning when you finally wore it and waltzed into work like an Arabian princess.

    And Mashallah you rock it so well... I look like the ugly sister in comparision lol only kidding alhamadulillah

    These are some of the things we talked about werent they... the fashion influences in our life took us over... all we ever thouht about was clothes and trends and what to wear ext and how... proud of you dear sis... keep the faith x

  2. Im sooo happy for you sis!! I have been through a similiar experience and it wasnt easy for me but alhamdullilah I wear my hijab too! Its been a little over a month and now I am soo used to it.I feel so proud making this sacrifice for Allah (s.w.t) after all its the least I can do. I am so proud of you!! i know there are a few other muslimah bloggers who have just started and let us all support one another. Love you!!

  3. Alhamdullilah Sis, I am so happy for you. I had lots of those same feelings, and now its been a little over two years wearing hijab :)

  4. Awww thanks Tabs!

    Even though I had Allah subhanahu as taala with me that morning, I sooowish you were there in your hijab too!

    Ur support was amazing Sis...
    Love you dearly!

  5. I-muslimah, thank you sooo much!

    I knooow, it's only been like 6 weeks for me and I couldn't imagine being without it.

    It's crazy! Subhanallah, wearing hijab-Gosh where do I begin to explain how it feels?!

    The support ive had grom sisters before during and after decuding to wear hijab has been amazing! Beautiful people...

    Sis, I pray Allah makes it easy for you insh'allah..
    Much love...


  6. Sis- wow 2 years down the line...

    I bet now it almost feels just sooooo normal and you wonder what the fuss was all about right...?

    Aww thankyou for ur comment sis! Honestly the new sisterhood i've found is amazing- you all are so sweet!

    Have a blessed day sis and inshallah I look forward to speaking again!

  7. woow mashallah sis
    so proud of u
    rli tn tht hard siit

  8. Jazakallah sis! That's very sweet of you!
    Honestly... I was on air from the the love and support I was shown!

    And it soooooo wasnt hard at all! I thought it would be this suuuuuper hard thing to do and it so wasn't allhumdulillah Allah really did make it easy for me!

    Look out for my new post reliving my experience in the runup to and on my first day insh'allah!!!

    Much love sis

  9. Assalamu alaikum Sister Jannah, I tried to answer your question on my blog as best as I could, i hope you find it helpful InshaAllah :)

  10. I enjoyed the excerpt from your diary as i might not write it down , but these are the exact same words that run through my mind.I wear hijaab on a friday , yeah i know its not right but hey its a start. I also make excuses that i need to change my whole wardrobe and i still want to maintain my stylish nature but be modest at the same time. Inshallah I will have the courage to adorn the hijab full time. i so desperatly want to wear it!

  11. Mashallah you have done it! I have been contemplating for years now, i share every thought that you put down in your diary and thanks for sharing. I make the same excuses, i need to change my wardrobe so i can still maintain my stylish nature, i don't want to look drap. I only wear hijab on a friday, i know it sounds weird but i try. I so desperatly want to wear the hijaab as i know it commands respect. Inshallah i will have the courage one day to adorn the hijab full time. Great Blog!

  12. Asalaamu alaikum Rubina

    Thansk you honey for your messages...

    You know what sis, I was FULL of excuses! and the wardrobe thing was one of them...

    but u can still dress stylishly whilst wearing hijab.. Infact i think it shows all those fashionistas that we can do it to whilst observing modesty...

    I work in the buying offices at a high end department store in London sis so you can imagine how I feel the need to dress sharp so as to not feel drab compared to all my uber glam counter parts... and it CAN be done!

    Im writing a post about another hijab experience i had and will be posting in the next couple days so look out for that insh'Allah sis

    Much love
    = )


  13. i cant wait to read about your first day at work :)

  14. Ill be posting about it soon inshallah... Ive been going though all my old texts, messages, email from friends...

    Awwww! Sooo sweet!
    Ill be sure to let you knwo when the post is up sweetie!

    Stay blessed